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Music Heals: Remembering The Boston Marathon, One Year Anniversary

"The city of Boston was in complete chaos the day of the incident and for many days following. Our home didn’t feel like home for that period of time. We didn’t know what to do or what to think, especially with the suspects still at large. While most events and shows in Boston were canceled for the foreseeable future, Krewella stuck to their guns and came to show the city some love. This was set to be their first Boston performance, which we had been patiently awaiting for over a year. To say we wanted that show to happen, regardless of the situation, would be the understatement of the century. Want isn’t the word…it was a necessity to our well being that we had a night out and took our minds off of things."


No. Thank YOU, Krewella, for bringing normalcy to Boston during our time of pain. You gave us a completely unforgettable performance, sharing with us love and support, and giving us the power to heal through your music. Thank you so, so much for uniting us through the hardship, and creating a bond that will never be broken.


At the end of the day it’s DANCE music.. dancing is supposed to be fun. Dance music should be fun to… I don’t think it’s meant to be taken so seriously… it’s not politics. More so than a genre, I think success has to come with being open about your personality, doing YOU and not giving a FUCK what people have to say. Those are the people who catch my attention at least. I come form hardcore and punkrock.. I came from the uncool lunch tables. I feel like there’s this jock elitist mentality when it comes to dubstep in particular which is so against everything I stand for. BEING yourself, and not giving a fuck what others think. Not judging others.. For fuck sakes it’s just MUSIC. stop taking it so seriously and have fun.. And if you dont like something, then just fkn forget about it! :)
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